Chatter That Matters

Chatter That Matters is a conversational group primarily for people living with memory loss.
Facilitated by an experienced facilitator, participants discuss those things that are of interest to them. This may be life experiences, hobbies, key events and other nostalgic encounters.
As well as ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to join in the facilitator finds ways of helping the conversation along based on participant’s interests.
On Tuesday mornings conversations are helped by looking at photographs on tablet computers.
On Wednesday afternoons a large screen is used to help conversations flow, often by watching short news reel type films, as well as listening to music and considering current affairs.
Chatter that Matters takes place on a Tuesday Morning 10am to 12pm and Wednesday afternoon 1pm until 3pm.
Due to the limited number of available places one of booking is required by calling in the Betjeman Centre.
The facilitator will then make contact. There is no charge for individual sessions, but participants can make a donation towards the refreshments that are provided.
For administrative purposes participants are asked to become Members of Concern Wadebridge, therefore benefiting from the advantages that membership brings.