Andy Lyle & Marion Willetts

Christmas comes early

Concern Wadebridge had an early Christmas Present when Marion Willetts (Tescos Community Champion) dropped into The Betjemain Centre with a Christmas Tree and Decorations.

Andy Lyle Manager of Concern Wadebridge said how much they appreciated the kind donation from Tescos, as the Tree will brighten up the Centre and make Christmas that bit more special for all that come into the centre.

Marion Willetts also commented that on visiting the centre I was able to see what a marvellous charity Concern Wadebridge is, being a locally based charity supporting local people through all the activities at the Betjeman Centre and Tescos is pleased to be able to support them in this practical way.

To find out more of what happens at The Betjeman Centre call in or phone Andy on 01208 812392.