Sea Holly Complementary Therapies & Workshops

Sea Holly Complementary Therapies are available each week at the John Betjemen Centre and new for 2019 are some Complementary Therapy workshops.

Complementary Therapies aim to help with wellbeing, stress and many other conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, grief, muscular aches and pains, circulation, energy levels and many more. If you have never had a Complementary Therapy, taster sessions are available so you can try one and see how you like it!

Aromatherapy is a wonderful massage therapy for helping to restore wellbeing and uses individual essential oil blends which may help to restore harmony and help with many different conditions. It offers peace and tranquillity and time for the self. Different mediums such as creams and Aromasticks can be made to complement a therapy.

Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex points in the hands and the feet correspond to different areas of the body. Feet and/or hands are worked to restore balance, help with energy levels as well as aiming to help with circulation, pain, oedema, anxiety and stress and many more.

Indian Head Massage relaxes and rejuvenates by working the shoulders, neck, arms, head, scalp and face to help to relieve any tension carried in these areas. Very soothing and relaxing it may help with headaches, migraines, muscular pain, eye strain and anxiety and stress.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a very gentle massage aimed to help with excess fluid in the body. It is relaxing and may be very effective for oedema and cellulitis.

Hypno Massage offers deep relaxation and release of tension through visualisation and massage and may help work through deep rooted problems.

Chair Massage can be carried out through the clothes or on the skin. Simply rest the body in the comfortable massage chair and relax as the back and neck are massaged to help release muscular tension, aches and pains.

A full consultation will be carried out at the first visit.

I treat everyone as an individual as each person’s needs are different and therefore each treatment is tailored specifically for that person. Prices may vary according to these needs and length of treatment and I have lots of special offers. I also do gift vouchers for that lovely present for someone. Please ask for more information.


August – Hand and Foot Massage Workshop – 10am-4.30pm

Learn how to give a hand and/or foot massage. Ideal to learn for own use, with existing therapies and for health care workers.

Saturday September 28th – Introduction to Indian Head Massage Workshop – 10am-4pm

Learn how to give and receive a wonderful Indian Head Massage. Ideal for an introduction to this ancient therapy and for home use on family and friends.

(Please note I also offer the Diploma course in Indian Head Massage – please see my website or contact me for more information)

October (date and time TBC) – Relax and Restore Workshop

In this workshop we look at stress management and self care and ways of using Complementary Therapies at home. This is a half day where we have a fun practical session making up creams and other mediums to take home and use on the self and family.

Other upcoming workshops:

Story Massage – Adapting Therapies working with the vulnerable, elderly and life limiting conditions. Learning about Essential oils and how to use at home

Please contact me with any queries.

01208 881223 or 07834359902